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Founded in 2017, NOR'E is now a collective of specialized and decentralized providers across Canada offering professional services based on the best multidisciplinary practices. We cater to the needs of our clients, seizing opportunities that arise. Our services include employer branding, media strategy, content production, growth management, and sales. Our goal is to enhance the online and offline performance of businesses by helping them understand and master marketing concepts. We craft customized strategies tailored to your specific objectives, enabling you to achieve tangible results.


Our mission, vision, and values are the pillars shaping our corporate culture, guiding our decisions, and influencing our daily actions to create a positive long-term impact.


Be a vector of change for your company by implementing practices that resonate with your values.


Lead you to prosper by developing your skills, while ensuring a positive impact within your community. More specifically, NOR’E aims to establish an adequately structured ecosystem and supports you in achieving your objectives by aiming for long-term autonomy.

Our values


We work with honesty, transparency, and ethics in all our interactions, establishing lasting trust-based relationships with our clients, partners, and collaborators.


We embrace creativity and boldness to discover innovative solutions. Our culture of innovation fuels our ability to anticipate the changing needs of the market and deliver cutting-edge services.


As a decentralized network, we value the diversity of skills and perspectives. We foster a culture of collaboration where every voice is heard, promoting an environment conducive to mutual learning and collective growth.


For us, effective and respectful communication is not just a method of working; it is the very foundation upon which shared success is built.


We aspire to excellence in everything we do. From designing tailored strategies to delivering services, we consistently strive to achieve high standards, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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